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God's Word is our sole authority for life. Jesus is our salvation for eternal life.


God's greatest moments happen on the other side of risk.


We serve in groups, which are joyful and contagious to nearby onlookers.


We share the truth of Jesus, without shame, when the opportunity arises.


We consult with local pastors for their discernment before distribution.


A believer has a specific church they call home because we recognize the importance of accountability.



The purpose of our USA Mission is to provide anyone with an affordable weekend mission trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, a quaint fishing village on the Sea of Cortez. This Christ-centered trip acts as both a cultural experience and a serving experience. In addition, this community and relationship-driven excursion offers a safe atmosphere for transparency, making it an excellent trip for first-time participants!


Through this mission, we partner with local church leadership and rehab centers in underprivileged areas! The needs in these communities may vary from trip to trip, but we make it our duty to serve accordingly. Lately, a common practice on this mission has been to connect each local church to a USA church to strengthen bonds, grow beneficial relationships, and glorify God.


The Villa Granada Mission offers a humble and clean lodging experience for mission trip attendees. During your stay, the facility will operate as a community center for the local people to meet, learn, and participate in Christ-centered activities. Outside Churches and Christian groups also have the ability to book Villa Granada for overnight stays!


If you feel God is calling you, please email us your contact info at weekendmissions@gmail.com, so we can discuss and accommodate.
The WM Staff is the heartbeat and lifeblood of Weekend Missions. It takes a variety of talented people to fulfill the purpose. With so many projects available, there is an area of need where every volunteer can serve.


Mark Lastovica accepted Christ in early 2002, and along with his acceptance came the compelling desire to participate in something bigger than himself. He decided to help make a difference by participating in a mission trip held by his Church! However, when he went to sign up, the trip was booked, the cost to be unfeasible and the trip duration daunting. Was there an alternative? Spoiler alert: there wasn't. So, Mark set off to create an organization where mission trips could be accessible to everyone, regardless of income status. Thus, Weekend Missions was born.
In March of 2004, Mark received a newspaper article about Rocky Point and the need to build hygiene facilities in the Women's Rehab Center. By the next weekend, Mark and 5 others from his Church small group began the project to renovate the facility. After experiencing 6 trips within 8 months, the group realized that these trips had positively improved their lives, brought them to a closer relationship with Christ and each other and gave them the desire to share the experience with others.
After continuous trips between 2004-2009, the group began to explore available real estate options to settle their ministry in. Villa Granada, an old hotel, was desolate, ravaged and inhabited by homeless people, yet it was almost as if God audibly spoke to them that this would be home for Weekend Missions.
From October-December of 2009 the real estate was posted at least 5 times but the owner wasn't getting any offers for the asking price of $199,900. Needless to say, Weekend Missions was not able to pay that either. Because Mark knew that Villa Granada was the future home base of Weekend Missions, he continued to offer and remained patient. For the last offer, Mark told Robert Fleisher, the owner, that God wanted to buy his hotel. At this, he accepted the offer. It took an entire month and many long hours just to get all the trash out. The renovation of the VG is ongoing; however, with the generous donations and volunteers, Weekend Missions have a place to call home for our missionaries and volunteers both local and from the States.
Through Weekend Missions, we lead a minimum of nine mission trips per year across our three distinct experiences. Though the tasks of our missions vary according to the community's specific needs, some common themes include building homes, repairing roofs, constructing churches, and working with local youth to teach them the Word of God.


Weekend Missions, Inc. (An Arizona Non-Profit Corporation) is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors should consult with a tax professional to determine the actual deductibility of donations since other factors can potentially affect deductibility.
Weekend Missions, Inc. (An Arizona Non-Profit Corporation) has a Leadership Core (group of 10) that meets regularly and is dedicated to honesty and accountability in finances. As part of our ongoing commitment to financial integrity, Weekend Missions, Inc. (An Arizona Non-Profit Corporation) will issue appropriate and proper receipts which may be used where required for income tax purposes.
If any volunteer or donor has questions about financial matters, including accountability, the organization's officers will be happy to accommodate reasonable requests for information in this area.
The Federal Tax Identification Number for Weekend Missions, Inc. (An Arizona Non-Profit Corporation) is 20-8980072.

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