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Weekend Missions has regular trips scheduled approximately every other month. Dates are available on the website: Typical trip caravans depart from the Weekend Missions office (I-10 & Chandler) at 8 am on the Friday of the trip and return midday to late afternoon Sunday.

Rocky Point, Mexico. From Phoenix, AZ, the drive to Rocky Point is about 210 miles and takes about 4-5 hours after a stop or two.

You! Couples, singles, families are all welcome. We typically have a mix of young people, busy professionals, families, and retirees. Weekend Missions is a non-profit organization that welcomes people of all walks of life to enjoy serving God and serving others.  We do ask that children under 6 do not attend. This recommendation is made for the benefit of all, as many people sleep in close quarters, work days can become long for young ones, and meetings require attentive listening. Exceptions can be made on request.  If you would like to bring young ones, please consider obtaining your family's accommodations in a private room.

Do I need additional money?
Bringing some additional money is encouraged. When traveling with the caravan, we typically stop at a fast food restaurant on the way to Rocky Point for lunch or snacks. In additional you may get the opportunity to explore dining or shopping with a group in Mexico.  The Hot Dog stand out in front of the Villa Granada is very popular and inexpensive.

What is the trip itinerary (plan)?
Each trip provides a unique experience; therefore a visit to the trip itinerary section at is encouraged.  A quick view into a ‘typical’ trip looks as follows:


8am – meet caravan at Weekend Missions office

12pm – arrive at Villa Granada in Rocky Point, Mexico

4pm – Neighborhood ministry (a MUST for 1st time attendees!)

7pm – Group dinner and meeting at the Villa Granada. Job assignments and T-shirt hand out takes place at this meeting.

9pm – return to your accommodations for a good night’s rest

7:30am – Breakfast, meeting, and encouraging words to get the day started right.

8:30am – Leave for your selected job site.

Lunch - You will take lunch, snacks, and drinks with you in the morning. You can have your lunch as you see fit.

4pm – Wrap up the job site and head in to clean up, pick up trash, enjoy a bible study or feed the poor. Many different opportunities take place Saturday evening; see itinerary for details.

Dinner depends on the evening’s agenda. We will have dinner together at the Villa Granada.

9-11am - Church service at a local English-speaking or Spanish-speaking church. Again, check the itinerary as the start and church may vary.

Free day! Spend the afternoon shopping, swimming, or exploring. You are free to head home anytime. It is recommended to travel home with another car for safety. Border wait times into the United States vary during seasons.

What should I bring? Clothing, tools, bedding?
Clothing: Please dress appropriately for the weekend, modesty is encouraged. Check to help you determine temperatures.
Friday: Think comfortable!  The drive down Friday will be in a vehicle for an extended amount of time. Friday dinner is very casual. Often, the evenings feel cooler than expected with the breeze off the ocean. Friday dinner is typically an outdoor experience.
Saturday: Think work-wear! We encourage you to purchase a Weekend Missions T-shirt to wear while on the job site. This allows us to be easily recognized and promotes the group cause. Be prepared to get dirty on Saturday! You may be painting, doing drywall, roofing, or be a part of another messy project.
Saturday evening: Think Relax! You may have time to shop, walk on the beach, swim, or explore local tourism areas. Bring a swimsuit and towel if you’d like to enjoy the ocean. Again, dinner is casual and mainly outdoors, weather permitting. Sometimes we are in the local neighborhoods hosting a BBQ. If we have a BBQ you might just wear your day's work clothes directly from the job site to the BBQ.
Sunday: Think Tourist! You are able to choose many options for your day. The group will attend a local church, then some will leave right after service while others may choose to shop, have lunch, and explore or enjoy the ocean experience!

Tools: Bringing basic tools is not required.  We have a supply of tools.  We always accepted donations of tools, too!

Bedding: Plan for shared group sleeping arrangements. Bedding arrangements vary per trip. It’s best to plan for a floor sleeping experience.

To Pack:
  • sleeping bag or sheets, blankets, pillows
  • bed roll or air mattress
  • sheet (on humid trips)
  • pillow
  • modest sleep wear
  • consider ear plugs
Additional things to Pack: Towel, swim suit, reading material, sunscreen, toiletries, and camera, PASSPORT or ID required at the USA border.

What’s the weather like?
Weather varies during different seasons. Please check a website like for the most current conditions in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Expect some cool breezes off the ocean in cooler months and humidity in warmer months.

Is alcohol or smoking allowed?
Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking is banned in main lodging, meeting, and group areas.  It is not prohibited to consume alcohol or smoke outside of group situation; for example, if you choose to leave the group and go to dinner with your family. However, you may not rejoin the main group while intoxicated. As a rule, both drinking and smoking are discouraged throughout the weekend.

Are pets allowed?
No pets of any kind are permitted on the mission trip.

How can I help? I don’t have specific skills.
There is definitely a great way for you to help! Please don’t think of what you CAN’T do! The trip is very diverse, from building and painting, to playing with the local kids and doing art projects. We need help cooking for the attendees, straightening the Villa Granada, doing trash ministry, etc. You name it! If you come with a heart to serve others, then you will be needed and appreciated.  If you are open to it, you will likely LEARN a NEW skill!

Do I need a passport?
Mostly likely, yes.  To find out if you need a passport, visit the U.S. Department of State at
A passport is recommended at this time and new restrictions are frequently made as we move towards stronger passport requirements.
Will my phone or computer work in Mexico?
If you need service, talk to your provider before heading down. Sometimes, a small additional monthly fee allows international service. 
WiFi is available at the Villa Granada. BUT, if at all possible, we encourage you to leave as much of this behind and direct your attention connecting with God, others, and self.  Let it all GO for the weekend!

 How Do I Get There?
The basic trip cost does not include transportation. In most situations, fellow attendees have open space in their vehicles to accommodate those in need of a ride which is a $40 additional fee. Most leave with the trip caravan at 8am Friday from the Weekend Missions office. On occasion, opportunities will be available to leave Thursday or later in the day Friday. If you have a request, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs. Groups of 3 or more are encouraged to drive their own car, but not required to do so.  The first ministry starts Friday afternoon, so it is HIGHLY encouraged to make sure you get there in the early afternoon.

I am driving my own vehicle, what do I need to know?
You will need to get insurance for your vehicle, it is the law. Typical car insurance doesn’t cover you in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  Contact your local insurance provider for a referral to a reputable international company, or online options are also available. Please have insurance and a full tank of gas when arriving to meet the caravan.

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