Directions to the Villa Granada


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From Phoenix

  1. Take I-10 towards Tucson and exit at the Queen Creek Road. Take Queen Creek Road into the town of Maricopa. 
  2. Turn right (west) on Hwy 238 towards Gila Bend.  Go through Gila Bend, and just before the McDonalds, make a right towards Ajo/Mexico (Hwy 85).
  3. Follow Hwy 85 through Ajo, Why, the border town of Lukeville, and then into Mexico.  No guns or ammo.
  4. You will have 2 turns to make into the town of Sonoyta.  Just follow the signs overhead that point to Pto. Peñasco (that is Puerto Peñasco abbreviated).
  5. You now have roughly 65 more miles until you arrive.
  6. Upon entering the town of Rocky Point, keep heading south on the main road (Benito Juarez)
  7. When you are deep into town, look for a sign on the right hand side that says "G".  This means you are very close.  After passing El Pollo Lucas (chicken hut with thatched roof) and then Marisco (seafood hut) on Right-hand side of road. start looking for the small Weekend Missions sign on the right side of the road, approximately 4' high and close to the sidewalk. 
  8. Take a left and go 2 blocks.  Welcome to the "Villa Granada" 

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